Fully Managed Cybersecurity

for Startups

We enable funded startups to scale faster and build trust with cost-effective cybersecurity programs that accelerate sales cycles and drive ROI.

Let's Build Trust Together.

We take a custom approach to each strategy.

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Need a Cybersecurity Strategy?

We Can Do It All For You.

Customer Security Questionnaires? Let us do it for you.

Pained with Long Sales Cycles? Let us shorten them for you.

Navigating Compliance (SOC2, NIST, HIPPA, etc)?

We've got you covered.

We Can Accelerate Your Startup Growth with Cybersecurity

• All-Inclusive: People, Process, & Technology

• Faster Time-to-Value

• No Additional Internal Overhead

• Proven and Vetted Technology Solutions

• Guaranteed Value and Business ROI


How Cyvatar Can Help You Build Trust with Customers:

You Will Be Able to Demonstrate a State-of-the-Art Cybersecurity Strategy to Customers

Your Company Will Utilize Best of Breed Cybersecurity Solutions and Technologies

Your Security Will Be Continuously Remediated and Maintained

You Will Be Able to Answer Questionnaires Quickly and Effectively

You Will Achieve Key Compliance Requirements Faster

Your Customers Will Know Their Information is Secure

“Cyvatar’s all-in-one offering gave us a comprehensive security framework--not just a few pieces--enabling us to remediate vulnerabilities in record time, achieve synergy among all of our security tools, maintain compliance standards required by our government customers, and reduce user friction. If it weren’t for Cyvatar’s vision and execution, completing our mission quickly and within budget would have been impossible.”

Al Valerio, CISO at Virtualitics

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You don't have to choose between a strong cybersecurity posture and maintaining compliance standards. With Cyvatar, you can have both.

Get the biggest bang for your buck.

Cybersecurity-as-a-Service, at your service.

With subscription-based CSaaS, Cyvatar removes the complexity for you of evaluating over 4,000 security solutions, helps you meet rigorous compliance standards, and removes the need to hire skilled talent. We take on the heavy lifting and ensure continuous remediation so you don’t have to!

*Don't see what you need? We can customize a package to meet your Startup's goals. Contact us to get started!

Say good-bye to those

cybersecurity woes.

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Let's Build Trust Together.

We take a custom approach to each startup.

Reach out to connect about securing your company.